MADO stands for Maras Dondurma, the company and the ice cream have blended together for 300 years already and guarantee that you can’t find such an authentic taste nowhere else!

There’s no other ice cream in the world so unique, that doesn’t melt and has such a rich flavor and chewy texture! Maras ice cream is made with goat milk and dry salep. It owes its chewy texture and resistance to melting to the salep and its rich flavor to the goat milk. It’s not very sweet, it’s light and goes perfectly with syrup, fruits or other desserts.

The history of Maras ice cream and MADO company goes 300 back years in Kahramanmaras in Turkey. How could the ice cream resist in high temperatures of the area when there were no refrigerators yet? The true ice cream specialists of Kahramanmaras gave the solution using the rich soil of the area that produces the wild violet orchid Orchis Mascula. The dry tubers of this plant are grounded and give a powder rich in nutrients, the famous salep. This powder mixed with goat milk from the region, with molasses, the 100% natural sweetener, and with fruit extracts which all make an authentic ice cream with chewy texture that doesn’t melt easily. The ice cream freezes thanks to the mountainous springs of the region. The ice cream specialists produce it during the night and sell it as street vendors in the day.

It took 150 years to open the first patisserie in the area and this was the first MADO shop. Its name was Yasar Patisserie and it soon became the meeting point of authentic ice cream lovers!

In 1965 the first ice factory was opened bringing a revolution in ice cream making. The production increased significantly, the ice cream can be preserved longer and the second generation of MADO family expanded its shop!

In 1983 technological development and the purchase of modern machines allowed MADO to produce 200kg of ice cream per day, with a staff team of 12 people working in a 300m2 space. Using vehicles for the transfers allowed the expansion in nearby areas as well as the introduction of ice cream in cones.

The company’s revolution started in 1989 when it moved in privately owned place, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and opened its own milk factory. MADO used modern means, produced their milk and cultivated their own orchid plantation for the production of Salep. The only thing that hasn’t changed over the course of the years is the ice cream’s traditional recipe and the natural authentic taste, a heritage from the grandfather! Today 120 tons of ice cream are produced daily, contemporary quality assurance procedures are followed and a research department has been set up.

MADO stands for Maras Dondurma, the company and the ice cream have blended together for 300 years already and guarantee that you can’t find such an authentic taste nowhere else!

MADO Today

In 1992 the first MADO shop opened in Istanbul and represented the first link in the big chain of modern shops that grows constantly. People now enjoy the traditional authentic Maras ice cream and all the magnificent MADO desserts and beverages in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA, Azerbaijan, Baku, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai, Russia, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia.

MADO meets consumers in hundreds of retail outlets, employs more than 4.000 people and in 2002 was awarded with the Best Practice Award Franchising system in Turkey.

MADO Greece

MADO’s development in Greece couldn’t have started in any other place than Thessaloniki! A city with tradition in quality, authentic desserts and citizens who know how to distinguish tastes and travel with them through time.

The first shop opened in Eleftherias Square (El. Venizelou 8) while the second one will open soon in Nikis Avenue, a patisserie-jewelry which will serve from breakfast to dinner in which you will be able to enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset along with specialties and beverages of the best quality.

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